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We are Australia's Boat Shipping & Marine Freight Specialists.

If you have found a boat in the USA, and would like to import it to Australia, then you should talk to us first so we can assist with the rest.

We take all the hassle out of importing your dream boat into Australia once you’ve found it. Or we are simply happy to quote your dream, when it still is only a dream and help make it happen!!

Portsea Marine will ensure that importing from the USA to Australia is as simple and hassle free as possible.

We are one of the few Australian organisations that specialise in International Boat Purchasing and Freight. However we are the one that will tell you upfront all the costs and give accurate and detailed quotes. No big cost shocks when your boat hits Australian shores and we won’t underestimate the cubic metres just to make our quotes look better.

All our Boats are shipped direct from the USA to Australia not via South Africa!! On most occasions it will take 4 weeks for your boat to reach its Aussie port – not 8 or 16 weeks like many of the other shipping companies.

We keep our costs lower than other companies by focusing only on international transport and we don’t need big marketing or advertising budgets as we have an amazing ‘word of mouth’ reputation. Definitely the best one to have…

5 reasons to choose Portsea Marine

  1. We are Experts in Marine Export
  2. Our Price is Competitive but our Service is Better!
  3. Our Expertise makes it Painless
  4. We service all Australian Ports.
  5. Our Quality Guarantee.
Import a Boat with Portsea Marine

How it Works

We have made it as easy and pain-free to import your chosen boat. Our process ensures your boat is delivered with the best quality and without hassle . Find Out More about Importing a Boat