Portsea Marine Australia

How do you import a boat?

Step 1. Pick your boat

Found a boat in the USA that you want to ship to Australia? Contact us now or obtain an online quote. Once you have accepted our quote, a 50% deposit of the freight cost is required to confirm the shipment. (You obviously would have also paid for your boat purchase prior to this stage.)

Step 2. Boat shipping is booked

Upon receiving the deposit, your boat is booked and confirmed onto the next available ship. From here the inland pick up and pack down begins in preparation for port delivery.

Step 3. Boat is readied

  • Trailer/Cradle/Container: We will co-ordinate the necessary requirements of New Trailer, Trailer Service, Container Loading or Cradle Assembly applicable to your boat.
  • Pick Up From Seller: Arrangements are made for the boat to be picked up from seller and transported to be prepared for pack down.
  • Pack Down: The boat is cleaned to remove any dirt / vegetation, Hard tops or Tops removed (if requested to reduce cubic meters) carefully and the boat is shrink wrapped and fumigated. This is an vital process helping guarantee a smooth transaction through Port in Australia

Step 4. Boat to port

Boat to Port in readiness for loading.

Step 5. Boat is shipped

Boat on Freight Carrier for 4 Weeks.   Remaining 50% Freight Charge due now. GST and duty will also be requested.

Step 6. Boat arrives!

Boat Arrives for your enjoyment! How Easy is That.

5 reasons to choose Portsea Marine

  1. We are Experts in Marine Export
  2. Our Price is Competitive but our Service is Better!
  3. Our Expertise makes it Painless
  4. We service all Australian Ports.
  5. Our Quality Guarantee.
Import a Boat with Portsea Marine

How it Works

We have made it as easy and pain-free to import your chosen boat. Our process ensures your boat is delivered with the best quality and without hassle . Find Out More about Importing a Boat